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MData is your preferred Analytics house in Ghana. We assist our clients to set in place robust control measures to achieve maximum confidence in data through its collection, analysis and interpretation. Employing data mining and machine learning approaches, we assist clients to extract intelligence from huge pile of data.

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At MData, our doors are always open to assisting you with cutting edge big data needs. Our analytics expertise spans both structured and unstructured data. We build data models and analyze big data in table formats as well as textual data (e.g. sentiments in social media data). Call us now

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Our Business Intelligence Solutions enable enterprises to turn critical data into actionable insights. Our skilled business intelligence consultants leverage data analytics, data warehousing and key performance indicators(KPIs) dashboards to create seamless information access to help you answer to the most difficult business questions.

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MData Consult helps you improve your company's performance with IT solutions. Our focus is to provide an exceptional service with top quality.

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